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Paper 3D Glasses
3D Glasses For All Occasions - Depending on Your Special Event or Promotion...
You Can Select From a Wide Variety of 3D Glasses Applications and Styles!

Select from a wide variety of 3D glasses, lens applications, and frame styles for your
special event or promotion!

Rainbow Symphony, a leading manufacturer of 3D products, offers a wide selection of
both paper and plastic 3D glasses with a variety of lenses. We will help you choose the
glasses and lens style that best fit your needs:

• Anaglyph or anaglyphic lenses
• Linear or circular polarized lenses
• Decoder secret reveal lenses
• Pulfrich lenses
• Customized paper or plastic frames
• RainbowDepth Glasses
• 3D Glasses Bind-ins
• 3D Glasses Hand Held Viewers
• 3D Postcards

Include 3D glasses in your next publication, or send a 3D Greets Postcard through the
mail. And don’t miss our newest addition, the amazing RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D
System. Choose from our wide variety of stock frames or let us help you make something
totally original with our specialty lenses, unique die cut shapes, and custom graphics. The
results will be spectacular!


Anaglyph 3D Glasses
Lenses of red/blue or red/green for interpreting anaglyph art. Used for viewing 3D comics, 3-D web sites on the internet, movies and TV, 3D games, printing and art.

Polarized 3D Glasses
Both linear and circular polarizing lenses. Polarized 3D glasses are used primarily for 3D laser shows, 3d ride simulators, multimedia displays, corporate presentations and special 3-D movies.

Plastic 3D Glasses
The ultimate in 3D viewing! Optical quality cast acrylic lenses mounted in unbreakable flexible nylon frames.Professional quality 3D Glasses offer an exciting breakthrough in affordable visual enhancement for the cyber world. Use them to: Surf the Net...Develop Your Own Anaglyph 3D Images...Explore New Depth-Defying Worlds!

Lenses of red/red, blue/blue or any identical colors. Decode secret messages, games, contests and sweepstakes. A great way to promote new products, win prizes and attract attention at trade shows.

Our RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses are the newest addition to our ever expanding line of 3D glasses. RainbowDepth™ 3D glasses work by shifting colors in the spectrum. Red being pulled closest to you in the foreground and deep blue being pushed to the background. The resulting contrast of the shifting spectrum of colors gives you a dynamic sense of 3D.

3D Glasses - Bind-Ins
The right choice when special requirements concerning price, format or space are the consideration. They can be made with any lens configuration and a full range of print options. Used primarily for direct mail campaigns, in-pack promotions and inserts for publications and magazines.

3D Glasses Hand Held Viewers
Can be made with any lens configuration and has no temple stems. Perfect for direct mail campaigns, binding into publications and for
in-pack and on-pack promotions.

Custom 3D Glasses
Whatever you want...We can help create it! We have years of experience and references and happy to share them. Give us a call at 1-800-821-5122 (USA) and talk to one of our seasoned "3D" staff.

Pulfrich 3D Glasses
One dark and one clear lens. Pulfrich 3D Glasses work with objects or scenes moving horizontally across the field of view. This is one of several ways to experience broadcast TV in 3-D. The Pulfrich method of 3D is used for TV, video and 3D computer displays.
3D Greets™ Postcards
Our exclusive line of 3D Greets™ combines the convenience and economy of a self mailer with the impact of visual 3D enhancement. The 3D Greets format can be printed with any number of colors and a variety of different lens configurations. Get your message out with this affordable direct mail piece.


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